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Who are CCS:Conall Consulting Services?

I asked ChatGPT how to describe us and got some interesting analogies - a patchwork quilt, a colorful bouquet of flowers, and a rich and flavorful soup! It doesn’t quite do it! You might already know of CCS, the prominent skateboarding company. We are different!

A more accurate description is a collection of experts with interesting and diverse backgrounds from the worlds of Tech, Financial Services, Health Care, CPG, Homebuyer Education, Community, and Economic Development! Oh, and all with years of academic experience.

This blend of experience allows us to work with companies in many industries, and we bring value by pairing the right coach with the specific needs of our clients. We work in-person and virtually, with individuals, teams, departments and companies.

Check back for some case studies, and be sure to reach out with any questions.

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