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The Case of Fast Growth and Culture

The CEO had an ambition of getting listed on NASDAQ in record time. In addition to his strategy, and considerable skills, acquiring companies was critical to his success. Integrating acquisitions can be complex, and many times fail due to the departure of key individuals and difficulties in integrating the cultures of disparate identities.

Working with the CEOs, of the acquiring and acquired companies, we ran series of workshops to help create a winning culture, to deliver exceptional results, for whole.

The workshops were structure to review the anthropology of each company by looking at Vision, Values, Guiding Principles, Norms, Symbols, Language, Behavioral Assumptions and Beliefs, Habits, Customs, and Legends.

We analyzed each of the CEO’s presentations and prepared the first draft of common cultural statements, and a phased plan to create a new shared culture, including Leadership Values, a Learning Environment, Share goals and values, and a plan for cultural evolution, which became a management responsibility, tied to rewards.

In addition, we facilitated conversations around new ways of selling, the 5 ’S’ model of selling, buyers’ behaviors, and sharing war stories on exceptional selling we have helped other clients with.

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