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High Attrition Rates due to Micro-managing.


The Business Head managing the most profitable division of a global professional services company, over multiple years, was struggling to meet the company's expectation of the position. Attrition rates were very high, mostly due to the individual’s hands on, micro-managing tendencies.


We proposed assessing the individual's performance before working with the individual on any specific management and leadership skill. We uses products from renowned and accredited psychometric assessment companies, and works with the client's HR and management to select the most appropriate assessment tool, as a basic step in the design of the coaching program. We currently work with Lumina, as licensed practitioners, and with other assessment tools.

The coaching program ran for 6 months, and focused on communication and delegation skills. A key success factor in effective management coaching is to make it a process, rather than an event, for the individual being coached. While leadership and management seminars, and keynote addresses, can motivate and challenge people to improve, it is only through sustained progress that changes in behavior and performance can be realized.


Some coaching engagements are more difficult than others. One of the challenges in this engagement was the individual's resistance to accepting the initial assessment and management’s feedback, as well as their sense of job security. During many challenging sessions, certain insights and learnings managed to stick. The individual acknowledged learning from the personality assessments, and improved their time and task management. Management reported improvements in upward communication but also learned the issues that were holding up growth in that division. Management changes were made to place the individual in a role better suited to their skills.

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