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Getting ready for the summer!

At CCS we blend industry experiences with our academic insights. I'm looking forward to delivering my summer course at the end of May. Here's an overview of what I'll be covering with the next generation of technology managers.

"Over the 6 sessions we'll look at the following topics that will help you become more effective as a leader and manager -

Session 1 - We'll look at personality and behavior, more specifically your personality and your behaviors.

Session 2 - We'll look at how to recognize other people's personality preference through their behaviors, and how to better connect and communicate with people like you, and different to you.

Session 3 - We'll layer in Emotional Intelligence to round out and enhance your self-awareness, and look at the "one big thing" you'd like to change within yourself. This will form the basis for your mid-term paper.

Session 4 - We'll move on to working with other people - teaming, building social capital and cognitive diversity.

Session 5 - We'll start to look at leadership - skills and styles.

Session 6 - Lastly, we'll finish up looking at motivation, influence and engagement. Your final paper will be to create a 90-day plan that utilizes all of the content from the course, as well as your insights and ideas from your career and other learnings."

I've been very fortunate to have worked with well over 1,000 students since I started teaching. Many have gone on to have successful careers, or start success companies.

We live in uncertain times. Now is the time to invest in yourself and your people!

Let me know if we can help you, your teams or your company.

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